Join us for Second Saturday Party: PURE Show and PURE Book Launch

Second Saturday Reception:  August 11, 5-8 PM

We are celebrating the life and work of Taiji Arita, this beautiful show and all the artists displaying their work, and also the launch of the new book PURE – Taiji Arita in California: Life and Work by Inga Ilze Peterson and Jason Cowan. Enjoy some refreshments, conversation, and the artwork.

Hope to see you there!

Participating artists:  Michelle Aliotti, Masako Arita, Taiji Arita, Michael Barnes, Jason Cowan, Vicki Dominion, Chris Freitas, Ian Hardie, Pati Martinez, Loreen Maynard, Phillip McDonald, Kevin Pearl, Inga Peterson, Mindy Peterson, Tim Peterson, Michael Smart, John Tone, Jerry Turner, Charles Unser, Frank Van Curen, Lucinda Venegas, Amanda Weaver, Marvin Willrodt, Amanda Winkler

Click here to view a few images of the show…


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